Samoa House. Auckland Fringe Festival 2017.

A string of gods are taking on physical form. They are arriving for a long overdue session with a shrink. Unpacking their experience, they are trying to process how their actions and inner worlds are manifesting in the human realm.

Let’s get metaphysical.

FLESH OF THE GODS is a psychedelic dive into world mythology, a poetic feast for the mind and senses, full to the brim with philosophy and grandiose entrances.

It is an attempt to forge a mythology that speaks to our current age, where the end of times can sometimes feel all too certain.

Writer/director/producer: Andrew Gunn

Performers/devisors: Rosie Tapsell, Indigo Paul, Matt Gibbons, Kalisha Wasasala, Arlo Gibson, Rowan Brooks.

Performance designer: Christine Urquhart

Composer/live sound: Tom Dennison

Dramaturgy: Julia Croft, Stella Reid

Stage managers: Stella Reid, Andrew Gunn

Production Manager: Lucy Everett-Brown

Devising support: Ash Jones, Hadleigh Tiddy

“An absolute mindf*ck. Jean Paul Satre’s ‘No Exit’ meets ‘God of War’ ” - Adison Whitley, audience member