Q Theatre, Auckland. 2014.
BATS Theatre, Wellington. 2014.

Holy Anorexics.
Crumpet demons.
Explosive bouts of wrestling.

GOD-BELLY is an existential romp, a bold exploration of religion and our bodies that ricochets between a 13th Century French monastery and a student flat in 21st century Auckland.

Catherine, a subversive Dominican nun, pushes her body to such extremes that she catches the attention of the Vatican, and a senior monk is sent to keep an eye on her. Jude, a chronically-over-achieving Auckland B.A student develops a fixation on fitness that starts to jeopardise her relationship with her tentatively-Christian-stoner boyfriend, George. Both Jude and Catherine struggle for salvation in worlds apart, but their worlds begin to collapse on each other as they push their bodies to breaking point.

GOD-BELLY is an investigation into how far the spirit can push the body.

Script/direction/performance:Andrew Gunn, Rosie Tapsell.

Dramaturgy: Simon Haren

Production management: Meredith Rehburgh

Special thanks to Jo Randserson for the script advice, and to Playmarket for the opportunity for this support.

Highly Commended - Playmarket’s Playwrights b4 25. 2014.

“GOD-BELLY is a bold, strikingly original, and startling engaging work … an epic exploration of doubt, compulsion, desires, and buttering crumpets.” Sam Phillips. The Lumière Reader

“…impressive and captivatingly visceral. Not since the Frantic Assembly performance of Beautiful Burnout in the 2011 International Festival of the Arts have I seen physical theatre so enthralling and explosive (no small comparison I might add).” Lori Leigh, Theatreview

Media photo credit: Alan Waddingham

Performance photo credit: Meredith Rehburgh