Basement Theatre, Auckland. 30 Oct - 3 Nov, 2018.

Love. Bloodlines. The Highland Clearances.

VIOLENT BLOOM is a solo play and song cycle that thrashes between the intensely personal and the cosmic in a genealogical freefall.

Andrew begins a scramble through ancient Scotland, Western Australia and Grey Lynn as he attempts to escape uneasy truths about himself.

Driven through a series of original songs, VIOLENT BLOOM is a meditation on love and our relationship to our ancestry, performed in English and Scots Gaelic.

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Script/performance: Andrew Gunn.

Direction: Tawanda Manyimo.

Music: Tom Dennison, Laszlo Reynolds & Leith Towers.

Gaelic Translation: Marcas Mac An Tuairneir

Performance design: Christine Urquhart.

Production: Lance Loughlin.

Production & stage management: Nariman Taghipouran.

Photo credit: Pete Gedye